Campaign contributions to Leander candidates

The below link contains public information extracted from candidate Campaign Finance Reports filed with the Leander City Secretary.

Voters have a right to know the entities and individuals from outside Leander attempting to influence this election. This might especially help those who have been asking, “Why are so many people and entities from outside the City of Leander  so interested in this election?”

The motives of outside influencers vary. It is fair game to research those motives, especially since you, the voter and Leander resident, will be living under the consequences of election outcomes.

Voters now have more tools and resources than ever to better research the facts that provide visibility on the values, character and competencies of candidates. It would be charitable to presume every candidate and donor has only the best interests of all Leander residents as the singular priority for aspiring to serve in public office or to contribute to the campaigns of those who are.

The sad reality is that payback, political ascendancy, organization and religious affiliation,  backdoor deals, business protectionism, friend and family relationships, and philosophical alignment are among the motivations outside parties  invest in local elections.

Candidates are required to file a Campaign Finance Report (CFR) 30 days prior to Election Day, and another CFR 8 days before Election Day.

Campaign Contributions to All Leander Mayoral and City Council Candidates 30 Days Before Election


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