Don Stroud and his wife are celebrating their 37th year of marriage. They personally administered the Pre-K thru 12 education of their four children and have conducted dozens of workshops for parents exploring alternatives to institutional learning environments.

Don has served as a city councilman, election judge, precinct chair, regional education leader, Teen Court advisor, and candidate vetting committee member. He has recruited and helped train numerous students to  serve as election clerks  and Teen Court staff. Don specializes in growing small and start-up businesses which are the backbone of the American economy.

A 7th-generation Texan, Don is committed to defending the freedom of Texans to exercise personal responsibility.



Truth and transparency are dependent upon freedom of speech and the press, as well as freedom from influence by those who would seek to compromise those rights.

All  research and analysis is performed by me on my own initiative. All content and recommendations are my own and are published by me on my own initiative.  I receive no funds or any form of compensation for this effort, and neither expect nor solicit any benefit in return from any individual or entity.

As a lifelong Texan, a 37 year resident of Williamson County, and a 31 year resident of Leander, I have grown weary of:

      • outside special interests exploiting Leander residents and Texans;
      • voters and policy-makers making uninformed decisions that have negatively impacted our city, county and state;
      • low civics participation by residents, even life-long native Texans;
      • the deficit our citizens, especially our youth,  exhibit in knowledge of history and civil government.

It is for these reasons, and these reasons alone I embarked on developing this site.  If you have found this to be a factual, informative and beneficial resource, I encourage you to share with your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Our community and country benefits when more citizens are engaged and committed to truth and transparency.

Don Stroud


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