How much does CapMetro cost Leander homeowners?

Leander homeowners and renters pay a significant annual cost for empty CapMetro trains and buses. In addition to traffic congestion at railroad crossings waiting for MetroRail to pass, Leander residents also forfeit property tax relief.

The City of Leander currently sends half of its portion of all retail sales tax to CapMetro. If Leander withdrew from CapMetro like Cedar Park* residents wisely chose to do, Leander could use the other half of the sales tax to reduce property tax burden on homeowners.

With city council elections quickly approaching, the question of a public vote on whether Leander should continue its relationship with CapMetro would be a good topic for candidates to thoroughly address.

Search your subdivision name for your estimated annual cost** of participating in CapMetro (select ‘Next’ to scroll through results):

Angel Springs $606
Atkin Addition $170
Bagdad Estates $277
Benbrook Ranch $227
Bluffs at Crystal Falls$392
Borho $391
Boulders at Crystal Falls $328
Bryson $384
Cap Rock at Crystal Falls$485
Carneros Ranch $340
Catalina Ranch $406
Circle Diamond $208
Cold Springs $312
Connellys Crossing $260
County Glen $217
Crystal Crossing $283
Deerbrooke $310
Enclave at Maya Vista $167
Estates Of North Creek Ranch $214
Fairways at Crystal Falls Sec 1$499
Fairways at Crystal Falls Sec 2$521
Fairways at Crystal Falls Sec 4$490
Fairways at Crystal Falls Sec 5$605
Falcon Oaks $124
Friske $99
Giddens Weskim Estates $228
Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls I$513
Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls II$761
Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls III$733
Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls IV$651
Greatwood $513
Hawkes Landing $296
Hazlewood $322
Heritage Glen $278
Hernandos Hideaway $222
Hidden Mesa $345
High Chaparral $114
High Gabriel East $488
Highlands at Crystal Falls $416
Highmeadow Estates $212
Highway Village $175
Horizon Park $233
Kittie Hill $500
Lakeline Ranch $276
Leander Crossing $345
Leander Heights $157
Live Oak Ranch $363
Magnolia Creek $271
Mason Creek $210
Mason Creek North$157
Mason Ranch $341
North Creek $203
Northside Meadow $291
Oak Creek $277
Oak Ridge $238
Old Town $242
Old Town Village $228
Overlook Estates$542
Palmera Ridge $359
Pecan Creek $390
Pleasant Hill $430
Reagans Overlook $684
Ridgeoaks $190
Ridgewood North $219
Ridgewood South $264
Ridgmar Landing $544
Sarita Valley $451
Savanna Ranch $297
South San Gabriel $376
Starlight Village Condo $498
Stewart Crossing $288
Stifflemire $425
Tierra Alto Condo Condo $234
Timberline West$269
Trails at Leander Condo $173
Travisso Phase 1 $583
Travisso Phase 2 $484
Valley View $326
Villas at Vista Ridge $279
Vista Ridge $287
Westview Meadows $200
Westwood $220
Wiley Creek$397
Woods at Crystal Falls $264
Woods at Mason Creek $273


More MetroRail departures and resident riders is not a solution. Every additional departure only magnifies east-west local traffic congestion at Hero Way, Old 2243, Sonny, and Crystal Falls.

The question for Leander’s future is not how to efficiently ship more people into Austin. The question is how to attract high salary businesses to Leander that allow residents to Live Here, Work Here, Spend Here.

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*Homeowners within the City of Leander pay a Maintenance and Operations (M&O) property tax rate which is 47% higher than the M&O property tax rate paid by homeowners in Cedar Park.

**Average cost per homeowner based upon average assessed value of all homes in each subdivision.

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