Will my vote count?

That question is raging across the country with amplified attention following the release of “2000 Mules”.

The viral documentary is based on True the Vote’s in-depth analysis of cell phone tracking data  and security camera footage of ballot drop boxes in swing states during the 2020 Presidential Election and the Georgia U.S. Senate run-off races.

The evidence presented confirms what was a foregone conclusion as early as the fall of 2019: that the 2020 Primaries and the November 2020 elections were being set up for chaos. And this was long before lockdowns, mask mandates, and ballot-by-mail-only executive orders entered the picture.

In August 2019, I was contracted to analyze the election laws of all 50 states, as well as monitor pending election code changes and court challenges to recently-passed legislation.  The purpose of the project was to build out a master election schedule for 2020, including primaries, runoffs, and the November General election. I invested over 300 hours studying each state’s rules and regulations, even notifying state election authorities when I encountered inconsistencies between the Secretary of State or Department of State websites and recently passed legislation for their state, or long-standing statutes.

What became glaringly obvious was that blue and swing state authorities were rapidly adopting many of the provisions of the very radical H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2019, which passed the U.S. House on March 8, 2019, but was DOA, as expected, in the U.S. Senate.  The House majority used H.R. 1 to telegraph to swing and blue states to enact at the state level what Congress was not able to force on the American people from Washington, D.C.

Several noteworthy observations included:

      • Pennsylvania would allow Early Voting by mail without any excuse required, and, provide for voting as early as 50 days before Election Day. Two years later, on January 28, 2022, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court struck down Act 77 which had extended absentee/mail-in voting eligibility to any voter during the 2020 elections. Predictably, the five judicial-activists majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court subsequently reinstated Act 77.
      • Wisconsin would allow Early Voting by Mail without requiring an excuse,  allowing voting to begin as early as 47 days before Election Day. Also, Election Day registration would be available for the 2020 elections.
      • Michigan would allow Early Voting without excuse, and voting to begin as early as 40 days before Election Day.

The other fact worth noting is that the candidate filing deadlines did not change for most of the states that accelerated the start date for Early Voting by Mail. In several cases, Early Voting would begin only three weeks following the candidate filing deadline. Such a measure provides incumbency insurance, irrespective of party affiliation.

I sent the below to several close contacts and colleagues the week of November 13, 2019, just under a year prior to the 2020 General Election.

“There are only two reasons states would fast-track legislation, issue Executive Orders, or for judges to rush to issue rulings/orders for any one or combination of the following:

      • liberalize residency requirements in order to vote
      • not require citizenship verification in order to register
      • allow same-day registration and/or Election Day registration
      • remove the requirement for photo ID when voting in-person
      • remove the requirement for photo ID when applying for a mail ballot
      • enact early voting when it did not previously exist
      • allow early voting without excuse
      • not require a paper trail for electronic ballots
      • allow early voting without excuse by mail
      • allow early voting up to 50 days prior to Election Day
      • mail unrequested ballot applications to every registered voter
      • send actual unrequested ballots to every registered voter
      • allow ballot harvesting
      • allow a voter who had been mailed a ballot to then vote in-person without surrendering the mail ballot
      • allow mail ballots to arrive and be counted (even without a postmark) after the close of polls on Election Day
      • allow subpar maintenance of registered voter databases (whether due to no or vague statutes, loose processes, or outright neglect, whether intentional or from incompetence)
      • not requiring a state to abide by its own constitution (Ex: Pennsylvania)

 Those reasons are to:

      1. Make it easier for ineligible people to vote
      2. Make it very difficult for timely detection, investigation, and prosecution of #1, phantom vote counts, and fraudulent vote counts”

When the virus response chaos began to unfold in March 2020, I daily monitored the Executive Orders of every state’s governor, every election-related court case, and every announcement by Secretaries of State regarding election changes, even up though November 3, 2020 and the January 5, 2021 Georgia runoffs.

I’ve been asked by numerous contacts in my network whether I believe there was election fraud.

My response:

“To clarify, are you asking whether I believe there was fraud? Or, are you asking whether I believe there was verifiable, concrete evidence of fraud? Also, at what level and to what degree? If you are asking whether I believe there was widespread, electronic fraud, all I can say is that the structure and procedures (or lack thereof), statutes, technology and systems are in place to make it entirely possible. Circumstantial evidence indicates a very strong likelihood widespread fraud was perpetrated.”

The potential for widespread fraud falls into at least two major realms:

      1. Failures in legitimate chain of custody of paper ballots (from the moment an authentic ballot is printed, until it is securely stored after being counted).
      2. Manipulation of counts, either when an electronic ballot is cast, or in the tabulation process.

However, proving widespread electronic vote manipulation is extremely difficult, especially if the same electronic methods that could supposedly flip votes could be used to wipe or manipulate evidence. To make unverifiable claims which can only be substantiated by forensics of voting systems, days, weeks or months after the event, opens the accuser up to litigation and liable. Also, if procedures for maintaining the integrity of chain of custody of ballots were not initially in place, verifying the integrity of paper ballot counts makes it even more difficult.

I usually explain that in any given election, especially a national election, the opportunities for fraud exist. Those opportunities are magnified by very liberal election laws, executive orders and judicial activist rulings many of which are spun under the false banners of preventing ‘disenfranchisement’, ‘racism’, or ‘xenophobia’…but in reality, serving to disenfranchise legitimate votes by enabling illegitimate and/or phantom votes.

The Time magazine article by Molly Ball boasts about  (“There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes”) and substantiates what I was observing and warning about a year prior to the November 2020 election. It would be naive to believe the machinations and execution of these schemes could not be carried out in any jurisdiction.

To preserve our Constitutional Republic, it is imperative that states pass more stringent election laws, and rigorously investigate and prosecute perpetrators of election fraud.

Short of that, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of honest, freedom-loving Americans to:

      • remain engaged
      • stay informed
      • serve as election clerk or judge
      • serve as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar
      • serve as poll watcher
      • serve on Ballot Review Board
      • serve as election count observer
      • monitor voter registration roll maintenance
      • cast an informed vote

Will my vote count? There is a way to secure a 100% guarantee that it will not: elect to stay home and let others make the decisions on who should have power to impact your life and family.

Choose to send the mules and their skinners packing. To jail.


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