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In the weeks leading up to the May 2016 City of Leander elections, the Political Action Committee, Bonding Leander Together, pushed a $70M+ bond election on the citizens of Leander.  Only one of the four bond measures on the ballot pertained to the highest priority of municipal government.

The PAC treasurer was the only contributor residing within Leander. Several of the entities and associated individuals who donated to the PAC are continuing their meddling in Leander politics by backing candidates in the current Leander mayoral and/or city council races.

Following is a list of vendors or employees of vendors  who contributed to Bonding Leander Together SPAC, along with the total amount each entity, individual, or the individual’s employer has been paid by the City of Leander for goods or services since passage of the bond package:


Campaign Contribution
to Bonding Leander Together PAC in 2016

Total Amount City of Leander Taxpayers Have Paid to Vendor Since 2016 Bond Election

Freese & Nichols,Inc., Austin



Halff Associates, Inc., Richardson



K. Friese & Associates, Inc., Austin



Walker Partners, Waco



Mark Borenstein,
Managing Director
HDR Engineering, Inc.

*contribution by Borenstein

**to HDR Engrg

Additional contributors to Bonding Leander Together PAC:


Campaign Contribution
to Bonding Leander Together PAC

Mitch Fuller, Cedar Park
Consultant at J.L. Powers & Assoc.


Eric Johnson, PAC Treasurer, Leander


Binkley & Barfield, Houston


Several of the above entities appear again in campaign finance reports filed by current candidates:

Contributor Name Occupation Business Amount
Karen Friese, Austin Bus. Owner K. Friese & Assoc  $250.00
Mitch Fuller, Cedar Park Consultant J.L Powers  $200.00
Freese & Nichols PAC,
Ft. Worth
Developers Freese & Nichols  $300.00
George Walker, McGregor, TX Engineer Walker Partners  $250.00
Halff Associates – State PAC, Richardson Engineering Halff Associates  $250.00

Additional contributors to current campaigns:

Contributor  Campaign Contribution
to Current Candidate

Amounts City of Leander Taxpayers Paid to Associated Business Since 2016 Bond Election

Frederick Jay, retired
Pagosa Springs, CO
Jay Engineering, Inc.



Martin Burger, Manager
American Constructors




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