Leander parents seek to protect children in Leander Library

The Leander City Council is scheduled to address Leander Library policies during its August 15, 2019 council meeting beginning at 7:00PM.  All concerned parents and citizens are encouraged to attend and provide input on Agenda Items 33, 34, and 35.

For background, Leander library staff and the American Library Association  have advocated activities and policies Leander parents, residents and taxpayers have found objectionable and unsafe for children.

On May 13, 2019, library staff member Micaela Berry sent a follow-up email to Valeri Abrego-Liszewski who organizes the Drag Queen Storytime for BookPeople in Austin.

“From: Micaela Berry <MBerry@leandertx.gov>
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2019 10:13:56 AM
Subject: Drag Queen Storytime
My name is Micaela and I’m the Children’s Librarian at the Leander Public Library. My coworker Cindy had
contacted you about performing at our drag queen storytime and I wanted to follow up and confirm. Cindy is
no longer working here so I will be your point of contact. I was just wondering if you had any questions. Do
you need me to select books for you? Have you ever done a drag queen storytime (or any storytime) before? I
want to help you as much as I am able, and I’m here for you if you need anything at all.

Micaela Berry, MSIS
Youth Services Librarian
Leander Public Library
1011 S Bagdad Rd
Leander, TX 78641
(512) 259-5259 option 4″

The Drag Queen Storytime event was obviously initiated by a Leander Library staff member reflecting a national movement supported by the American Library Association.

Public records show the following response from Valeri Abrego-Liszewski:

“From: Valeri Abrego-Liszewski
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2019 1:15 PM
To: Micaela Berry
Subject: RE: Drag Queen Storytime
Yes, I currently organize the Drag Storytime for BookPeople on Lamar downtown Austin. Let me
know how many performers you would like to come out and read, the date and time we need to be
there. Also, if you have a limited selection of books, just let us know the titles we can choose from.
Thanks for getting in contact with me.
Valeri Abrego
Aka Papi Churro

Leander Library staff subsequently produced and selectively distributed promotional collateral. Leander parents and citizens expressed their concern for child safety when word spread about the event. Drag Queen Storytime was then cancelled, and the Leander Library closed  for June 15, 2019 by the Leander Parks and Recreation Department which oversees the contract with Library Systems & Services LLC.  A local organization seeking to maximize publicity and forward their agenda then rented a meeting room in the Leander Library annex and hosted the event. A city councilmember who appears to be making this issue a personal platform even showed up to participate in indoctrinating and confusing children in the areas of personal identity.

Parents and citizens exercising their right to peaceful assembly peacefully protested the event resulting in over $20k in expenses to Leander taxpayers for public safety. Protesters were accused of being hateful just for disagreeing with the emotional and psychological abuse of children, and for opposing orchestrated efforts to groom and desensitize children for possible sexual abuse or exploitation.

Agenda Items 33, 34 and 35 (cumulatively totaling over 150 pages in documentation) for the August 15th Leander City Council meeting involve Leander Library policy. Included are numerous proposed policy changes and additions, including these unnecessary documents  from the American Library Association:

In addition, the proposed policy includes the unnecessary “The Texas Library Association Intellectual Freedom Statement”

Citizens of Leander via elected officials should establish simple, straightforward policies that uphold rights established by the Constitution, not national or state organizations which do not represent the best interests of Leander parents, taxpayers and residents.


Concerned citizens should also support proposed policies, including background checks, which protect children from predators and which best uphold the values that make Leander a great place for families and children.


Citizens can make their voices known at 7:00PM, Thursday, March 15th at:

Council Chambers of the Pat Bryson Municipal Hall
201 N. Brushy Street
Leander, TX 78641


UPDATE: Friday, August 16, 2019


Due to the abuse of public trust by an outside group which rented the Leander Library Annex meeting room in June 2019 resulting in public safety concerns and exorbitant associated costs,   Council approves Option 2 on Agenda Item 33, limiting the use of library meeting rooms to city use only.


Council approves Agenda Item 34, adopting the proposed Programming Policy and Background Check Format.


Council continues endorsement of all associated American Library Association and Texas Library Association policies currently being used by the Leander Library by approving Agenda Item 35, Proposed Library and Other Policies.

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