Money in the mix – who’s buying Leander’s mayoral race? (updated)

Leander residents are often heard stating how they moved to Leander to escape outrageous property taxes, over-regulation and family-hostile policies of Austin and other large Texas cities.  But that escape will have been in vain if Leander voters do not vote or fail to cast informed votes in Leander’s mayoral election.

Non-residents and deep-pocketed entities are attempting to influence the outcome of this mayoral race through campaign contributions. Judging from the source of many of those contributions, it appears outside interests have an agenda to remake Leander in Austin’s own image at the expense of homeowners. Questions voters should be asking include:

“When it comes to decisions the mayor makes that impact my finances and quality of life, whose interests take priority? The mayor’s campaign contributor’s? Or the citizens’ of Leander?”

“Will those campaign contributors be living under the consequences of the mayor’s leadership?”

The below summary table and linked document showing all net monetary  campaign contributions is provided to help you, the voter, better answer those questions.

Mayoral Candidate Campaign Contributions_Updated 05022018

1 & 2)
Total Number
 Monetary Contributors
Total Number
Contributors Eligible to
Vote in City of Leander
Total  Monetary Campaign
Contributions Received
Monetary Contributions from Donors within City of Leander
Monetary Contributions from Donors outside City of Leander
 1,  2
5 0 $11,700 0% 100%
 1,  2
16 7 $12,000 66% 34%
 1,  2
46 1 $21,800 1% 99%


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