Your justice, your peace: Judge Edna Staudt seeks re-election

Should you find yourself before a Texas Justice of the Peace, you want a judge who values your life, your Constitutional rights, your freedoms and your property.

You want a judge who applies the law firmly, yet fairly, one who upholds justice and public safety while demonstrating compassion for those in traumatic circumstances.

Residents on the Williamson County side in Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill and NW Austin have been well-served by such a Justice of the Peace for over 22 years.

Judge Edna Staudt is a true Texan and public servant to our community. Whether adjudicating cases, issuing arrest warrants, handling death inquests or granting emergency protective orders, Judge Staudt conducts her office with professionalism and competency.

In addition to her regular duties as Justice of the Peace, Judge Staudt invests countless hours of her personal time directing mentoring programs, training student leaders through her Teen Court program, advocating protection of the unborn, and teaching teens the value of making wise, life-saving choices. She is also a strong voice against an ill-conceived, unjust law that has had the unintended consequence of landing over 1.3 million Texans in a literal debtors prison, after they have already paid the original fine associated with their traffic violation.

Judge Edna Staudt will be on your ballot this November and is worthy to continue serving you for four more years as your Justice of the Peace, Precinct Two.

The office of Justice of the Peace is often overlooked due to its location towards the end of your ballot. While most of the attention is directed at the US Senate race and the race for Texas Governor, few voters perform their research for down-ballot races and end up doing a mental coin toss for the best sounding name.

Use the links in this post to conduct your due diligence and make an informed vote in this important race. Please give Judge Edna Staudt your consideration and encourage your family, friends and neighbors in western Williamson County to do the same.


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