Transparency in the Williamson County JP, Pct. 2 race

Truth and transparency are essential to sustain the civil process of electing those who would govern and rule over us. Voters now have more tools and resources than ever to better research the facts that provide visibility on the values, character and competencies of candidates.

The below links will acquaint you with some of those publicly-available resources, using research on Judge Edna Staudt’s Republican primary opponent as a case study. This will enable you to perform your own comparison of the values and backgrounds of the candidates:

  • his website endorsements are primarily from outside Precinct 2 and outside Williamson County. Most endorsers listed  will not be impacted by the consequences of the outcome of the election which they are attempting to influence.
  • The first person listed is  Darrell Apffel, a long-time Democrat  in Galveston County.

    Apffel endorses Tucker
    Endorsement from long-time Democrat, Darrell Apffel, Galveston County
    Note: Only recently did Apffel run for office in a Republican Primary
  • Others in or close to  Williamson County include:
    • Round Rock Attorney, Ryan Willett – there is a Ryan Thomas Willett residing in Precinct 1 who is an attorney in Round Rock. Voter Registration records show him voting in the past 3 Democrat Presidential primaries
    • Cedar Park, Celeste Havis – the most recent Voter Registration list does not show this individual to be registered to vote
    • Round Rock, Dallas Osborn – address listed is in Precinct 4
    • Liberty Hill, Fred and Lisa Fierro – the most recent Williamson County Voter Registration database shows no listing for a Fred or Lisa Fierro
    • Pflugerville, Wendy Russom – Travis County Voter Registration database shows Ms. Russom as having voted in just one election.
  • he is an avid gambler
  • photocopied/handwritten letters (see below) from several of his supporters from outside the county are being sent to voters in Williamson County Precinct 2; all the return addresses on the envelopes show the same P.O. Box 3594, Cedar Park, the same mailing address listed on Mr. Tucker’s Campaign Finance Reports (you might want to hang on to those letters and the envelopes in which they came if you are one who wants to see candidates abide by the law…especially judicial candidates)
  • the letters do not include the mandated campaign finance disclosure.  Missing is the required statement “Paid political advertising” and disclosure of who paid for the photocopies, printing, or stamps.
  • according to the most recent campaign finance reports he has filed, ~40% of his donors are from out of state, and all but two reside outside Williamson County. See itemized listing below.
  • according to Williamson County Court records, a divorce decree was issued in April, 2015 for Bronson and Wendy Ruth Tucker.
  • the author of “Dead Sea Games” included a “Bronson and Wendy Tucker” in his special thanks for their support in helping make the novel possible. ***WARNING*** extremely graphic, violent, sinister, among other things. I recommend reading only the Acknowledgments page.
  • according to Williamson County Voter Registration records, another voter by the name of Amy Parker shares his physical address.  There is also an Amy Parker listed as an endorser on his website.
  • he is an attorney. Nothing necessarily wrong with being an attorney. However, the office of Justice of the Peace in Texas was created to be a court of the people, by the people, for the people without requiring formal legal training. Accomplished attorney’s typically aspire to offices other than Justice of the Peace.
  • according to property tax records,  Tucker has owned a house in Williamson County since 2012

Following are images of items referenced in the above bullet points:

Former Wilson County JP meddles in Williamson County election
Envelope containing photocopied, handwritten letter from Jim Burdette, Wilson County (SE of San Antonio). Return address is for Bronson Tucker Campaign PO Box in Cedar Park
Former Wilson County official meddles in Williamson County election
Mass photocopied letter from Jim Burdette, Wilson County (SE of San Antonio)


Travis county voters meddling in Williamson County election
Envelope containing mass photocopied/printed letter from Wendy Russom, Pflugerville, Travis County. Return address is Cedar Park PO Box for Bronson Tucker campaign.
Wendy Russom, Pflugerville activist meddles in Williamson County
Mass photocopied letter from Wendy Russom, Pflugerville, Travis County
Bronson Tucker distortion
Tucker postcard received by voters on Monday, Feb. 26, leads voters to believe the current JP court is responsible for lower volume of criminal case filings. They are actually due to the geography, population and municipal incorporation of the vast majority of Precinct 2.

Tucker’s Campaign Donors

Donation Date
Donor Name Address City State Zip Amount
1/18/2018 Josh Kumarek (Komarek) 3806 Pine Lake Ct Owensboro KY 42303 $50
11/14/2017 Tom Seiter 705 W Granger Broken Arrow OK 74012 $250
1/3/2018 Renee Hall 209 N Geary Ave OKC OK 73104 $100
1/12/2018 Carolyn Wade 1923 NW 20 OKC OK 73106 $50
12/30/2017 Mike Taylor 6704 Edgewater OKC OK 73116 $500
12/30/2017 Roy and Charlotte Maughn (?) 1604 SW 40th OKC OK 73119 $500
9/7/2017 Brian Maughan 1521 SW 40 OKC OK 73119 $500
12/30/2017 Barbara Chishko 357 Ranchwood Manor OKC OK 73139 $100
12/30/2017 Dustin Hester 11316 Cedar Hollow Rd OKC OK 73162 $100
1/3/2018 Casey Ross 13225 EastValley Rd OKC OK 73170 $100
1/12/2018 Daniel Dawson 3245 River Walk Dr Nashville TN 37214 $100
11/27/2017 Ben Logan PO Box 111917 Nashville TN 37222 $150
12/31/2017 Robert Danel 3820B Ridglea Dr Austin TX 78731 $100
1/20/2018 Dottie McDonald 6111-B Shadow Valley Dr Austin TX 78731 $100
11/14/2017 Kerry O’Brien 8017 Ladera Verde Dr Austin TX 78739 $50
12/22/2017 Kerry O’Brien 8017 Ladera Verde Dr Austin TX 78739 $200
11/28/2017 JC Casarez 7001 S. Congress Austin TX 78745 $100
12/16/2017 Craig Holmes PO Box 29598 Austin TX 78755 $100
12/31/2017 Jessica Foreman 11119 Alterra Pkwy #2466 Austin TX 78758 $100
12/23/2017 Robin Wellmann 200 McNeese Brenham TX 77833 $100
12/28/2017 Ransome Tucker 4402 Spanish Gold Ln Cedar Park TX 78613 $500
11/9/2017 Bay Haught 8844 Whiddon Rd Chappell Hill TX 77426 $100
11/38/2017 Bay Haught 8844 Whiddon Rd Chappell Hill TX 77426 $200
11/13/2017 Calvin Gray or Grant? 2117 Cambridge Corsicana TX 75110 $100
12/17/2017 Mike Peevy, Sr. 18040 Midway Rd #150 Dallas TX 75287 $100
12/20/2017 Clark Turner 1104 Buckingham Dr Forney TX 75126 $100
1/20/2018 Marilyn Parker 2826 Dove Meadow Dr Garland TX 75043 $250
11/28/2017 Lisa Lively 111 W. Crews Hamilton TX 76531 $100
12/20/2017 Kitty Nelson 112 W Vienna Dr Hutto TX 78634 $250
11/28/2017 Ross Wells 1700 Redbud, Ste 300(?) McKinney TX 75069 $250
1/19/2018 Nikki Ashley PO BOX 1221 Mineral Wells TX 76068 $40
11/28/2017 Dallas Osborn(?) 3 Bluff View Round Rock TX 78664 $200
1/31/2018 Rocky Hollingsworth 2229 SW 113th Pl Oklahoma City OK 73170 $100
2/7/2018 Tom Seiter 705 W Granger Broken Arrow OK 74012 $100
2/21/2018 Jeremy Bryant 423 NE 21 Newcastle OK 73065 $100
2/12/2018 Mack Dawson 2705 Crownspoint Dr Austin TX 78748 $100
2/11/2018 Aaron Williams PO Box 2 Wolfe City TX 74960 $400
2/13/2018 E. Jeffrey Wentworth PO Box 6274 San Antonio TX 78209 $250

All above information was extracted from publicly available sources. It is public for a reason. Voters have a right to know who from outside Precinct 2 is attempting to influence an election, especially a local election.  This might especially help those who have been asking, “Why are so many people from outside our Precinct, outside Williamson County, and even outside of Texas so interested in this local election?”

Transparency:  My family and I are long time friends of Judge Edna Staudt and her late-husband.  We are volunteering on her re-election campaign for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2.


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