Congressman Carter Voted to Put Women in Harm’s Way

Like the villain who ties young women to railroad tracks then subsequently tries to win their affection by stopping the oncoming train, Congressman John Carter voted to put women in harm’s way then tried to play hero by temporarily releasing them from harms way.

September 23, 2021 Congressman Carter voted to require young women to be subject to the horrors of military combat roles for the sake of “military readiness” He then tried to play Savior by subsequently voting  against requiring young women to be subject to military combat roles, all for the sake of improving “military readiness”.

Consider Congressman Carter’s December 8, 2021 press release regarding his votes on the FY22  National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):

“When I voted to support the NDAA three months ago, there were many provisions that myself and my colleagues did not agree with, however military readiness came first. I am proud to say that after months of hard work, my Republican colleagues and I have ensured that the FY22 NDAA no longer includes women in the draft, does not include any ‘red flag’ laws that would impact Americans’ Second Amendment rights, and eliminated the original ‘woke’ priorities of the Left. As the representative of Ft. Hood, I know how critical military readiness is and I am confident that these provisions will not only improve readiness, but our national defense overall.”

Congressman Carter believed military readiness was such a priority that subjecting young women to possibly being drafted into military combat was okay. It appears that only after feeling the heat from constituents that Congressman Carter now believes military readiness is such a priority that young women should not face the possibility of being drafted into military combat.

Bataan Death March – April 1942

An initial 20,000+ young women in Williamson County (at least 1,600 in Leander alone)  faced registering for Selective Service and subjection to military draft had the original version for which Congressman Carter voted “Yea” also passed in the U.S. Senate and been signed into law by President Biden.

Should any member of Congress who was willing to use young women as pawns in a high stakes game of political chess with real life consequences be considered for re-election to that office? Just the prospect of being tied to the rails hurts women.

The real heroes are the handful of congressmen with a spine , including 12 Texas Republicans, who called out the political villainy from the get-go, released young women from military combat rails,  and derailed the Leftist train before the final whistle.


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