Candidate forum provides visibility on Leander mayoral candidates

The evening of April 20th, a Leander organization by the name of Leander Advocacy Group sponsored a candidate forum in which each of the council and mayoral candidates were allowed 15 minutes to address questions previously provided to each candidate. The forum rules were strictly enforced, providing an environment for the candidates to each put their best foot forward.

Which candidate’s presentation best addressed the questions regarding Leander’s future?

Presentation analysis

After reviewing both of the above presentations, which candidate:

  • best answered the specific questions posed by the host organization?
  • best articulated a strategy for addressing issues facing the City of Leander?
  • best communicated a plan to guide Leander though the next phase of growth?
  • is more likely to reduce over-regulation and over-taxation of Leander businesses and homeowners?
  • is more likely to reduce Leander’s debt and expand Leander’s sales tax revenue while decreasing reliance on property taxes?
  • is more likely to advocate local control of Leander’s future?
  • is more likely to best serve the interests of Leander homeowners and taxpayers?
  • is more likely to reign in property tax rates?
  • is more likely to give priority to outside special interests and entities?
  • is more likely to rely on taxpayer debt for non-infrastructure, non-public safety city development?
  • is more self- and resume-focused than focused on the interests of Leander residents?

*I am not a member of the Leander Advocacy Group, nor am I a member of their Facebook group, nor have I ever attended any of their events or meetings other than the April 20th public candidate forum held at the Leander VFW meeting room.

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