Beyond the Limits: Truth far and near

Events and developments across the nation and globe can quickly impact Leander, as well as all Texans.  This page can serve as a personal dashboard for those eager to bypass PC-filtered and fake news and who wish to pursue truth and fact-based discourse on issues with broad and personal implications close to home.

American Greatness Imprimis The Aquila Report
American Thinker Intellectual Takeout The Daily Signal
Barna Research Legal Insurrection The Epoch Times
Barrons Life Site News The Federalist
Breakpoint LifeNews The Gospel Coalition
Center for Intelligence Mark Levin The Guardian
Colson Center Media Research Center The Imaginative Conservative
Dennis Prager Money and Markets The Public Discourse
Discovery Institute Nancy Pearcey Town Hall
Education Views National Review Uncommon Descent
Family Research Council Pew Research Unherd
Fanatical Futurist SCOTUS Blog Washington Times
First Things Stratfor Watchdog
Forbes Texas Monitor World
Foundation for Economic Freedom Texas Public Policy Foundation World Net Daily
Geopolitical Futures Texas Scorecard Zero Hedge


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